Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chuck Kinder Interview at Flywheel Magazine

Popping in for a minute to point you in the direction of an interview with Chuck Kinder at the newly launched Flywheel Magazine. The thing I enjoy most about the Internet is being surprised by where I happen to land, such as at “Don’t Be Scared: An Interview with Chuck Kinder.” Regular readers of my blog know that Chuck is one of my favorite writers, not to mention an important teacher to me when I first fell in love with writing fiction and found my way into one of his classes at Pitt. Do yourself a favor and read the interview by David James Keaton. I promise you’ll smile. You might even laugh out loud – even before you get to the photograph at the end of the interview.

Chuck Kinder, 2004,
Photo Copyright by Dory Adams, all rights reserved

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring is Late, Summer Schedule is Early

Dogwood, copyright by Kevin Scanlon, all rights reserved

Spring came late to western Pennsylvania, but the bare trees are finally in leaf. Our backyard dogwood is still in bud and will soon blossom with pink flowers. It’s been a cold and wet spring, but yesterday we had a sunny day and managed to get our annuals planted. Today it is raining again. It was a small window of opportunity – one sunny day when we both had the day off work – and we seized it. It will be another month before we reap the rewards of flowering zinnias from seeds planted in the garden, but the flowerboxes and patio pots are filled with colorful blooming flowers that brighten this gloomy morning. Too soon to use the summer office, but it won't be long until I'm writing there.

Spring may be late this year, but the summer schedule at “In This Light” is coming early. My work on the novel is going well and I need to put my writing focus there for now, so the blog will switch over to a slower pace of monthly posting. I’ll be hosting guest posts by writers Cliff Garstang and Erika Dreifus this summer. Cliff Garstang is the author of In an Uncharted Country and blogs at “Perpetual Folly.” Erika Dreifus is the author of Quiet Americans and blogs at “Practicing Writing.”

A few miscellaneous things I want to share:
  • Fleeting Pages opens Saturday, May 7th at the former Borders Books at 5986 Penn Circle in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It’s very exciting to see this innovative pop-up bookstore project, which I first learned of from Karen Lillis at “Karen the Small Press Librarian,” go from idea to reality. See the Fleeting Pages calendar for information on readings and workshops. Here is a link for a map and directions.
  • Through a link at the Publishers Weekly blog last week, I found my way to a transcript of a Q&A with William Faulkner when he spoke in the classroom to students at the University of Mississippi in 1947. Read his advice to writers at “This Recording” and enjoy the photographs (including one of Faulkner with Eudora Welty).
  • A reminder that you can subscribe to “In This Light” via e-mail or through a feed to your reader (such as a Google Reader or My Yahoo) using the links in the sidebar on the right side of this page. It’s a free and convenient way to keep up with the posts. There is also a “follower” link further down on the sidebar.

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